Big thank you to the people of Greece!

Serbia has received much needed humanitarian aid from European governments, the EU and the Russian Federation and that has been highlighted in the press. For me, something else stands out and that are the shipments of aid that were collected and sent to Serbia and Bosnia by a Greek community. This came directly from people.

I wrote in the past about a Greek organization called “Voluntary Action Group Pieria”. They are based in the Katerini area in Greece and their organization goes to my heart. They organize food fairs where producers and consumers are directly connected and food is sold at fair prices for both of them, cutting out the middle men. They also run a clinic where the poor and uninsured can receive medical care provided for free by voluntary doctors and medical staff. They have many other activities. The group was founded in September 2007 and is an open citizens’ movement not dependent on any political entity and they rely for their activities on their numerous volunteers.

After the devastating floods, a Serbian woman called Ana Stevanovic contacted the group and asked if they could be of assistance. They organized a collection rally and in 24 hours their volunteers managed to collect, pack and made ready for shipping 20 tons of humanitarian aid consisting of bottled water, food, clothes, medicines, etc. donated by the local population and by local companies. The first shipment was sent to Serbia on the 21th of May and a second shipment with 22 tons will be send today -Thursday 29th of May- to Svornic, Bosnia.

I wrote them a personal thank you note which to my surprise was posted on their site. I would like to again express my gratitude for their help by writing this article and invite people to drop them a line. I hope their organization can become an example to be duplicated in Serbia.

Many thanks indeed for this much needed help!

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